Abelio, digital farming solution

Abelio, the smart farming solution for managing your crops

Take advantage of our innovative farming solution and our different tools for farming decision making, improving your yields, increasing profitability and optimizing management of your farms. From sowing to harvest, you can be sure of when to irrigate, fertilize and treat your crops in the right place, at the right time and always with the correct amount.

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Our solutions

Discover our 4 tools for an all-in-one solution


Optimising the fertilization

Use the right amount of fertiliser in the right place and maximise the profitability of your plot.


Managing irrigation

Accurately estimate the water consumption of your plots and optimize the use of this resource when your crops need it.


Preventing stages and diseases

Visualize the health and evolution of your crops at a glance, and reduce the use of phytosanitary products.


Detecting weeds

Easily spot weeds, increase efficiency and reduce treatment costs.


Because a picture's worth a thousand words...

Discover all Abelio services in a single video.


Thanks to Abelio and its precision agriculture...​

Optimize management of your agricultural operations from sowing to harvest

Receive and apply precise advice from sowing to harvest thanks to our decision-making support tools and increase your crop yields.

Designed with experts from the world of farming, our tools are tailor-made to meet the needs of farmers in terms of their functions and ease of use.


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A digital farming solution

Make your life easier and protect your crops

Make the most of a mobile app that follows you everywhere, receive recommendations and view your plot data in real time.

Adjust the treatment dose or fertilizer to the precise amount for your crops, irrigate those that need it, detect any diseases and get on top of weeds in good time, protecting your produce.

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ton configure your plots


An interoperable tool

Our Abelio solution is compatible with all the traceability tools such as SMAG, Geofolia, WiUZ, Mesparcelles, Telepac as well as the most popular farming weather stations on the market (Sencrop, Weenat).


Our technologies for acquiring and displaying your data

Technologies for digital farming solution
technologies digital farming solution
Captation de données / data collection technologies digital farming

Data capture

Satellites, drones, weather stations, agronomic data, discover the tools we use.

Application / mobile app

A mobile app

View your plot and all its indicators.

plateforme web / web platform

A web platform

Make the most of an overall view of all your plots.

The lab

The lab with our latest improvements

Discover all the latest innovations we are working on and which will soon be available on your web and mobile apps!

New console communication system
News crops for fertilization

About us

Abelio, a digital farming solution at your fingertips

Discover Abelio, the company that is active in developing and improving precision farming. Our goal? To aid farmers in responding to new regulatory and climate challenges in their daily work of making agriculture more sustainable and productive.

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