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Discover the technologies behind our digital farming solution

From data capture to advice, discover the technologies behind our solution.

Our solutions

Our technologies for capturing and visualizing your data

Technologies for digital farming solution
technologies digital farming solution
Captation de données / data collection technologies digital farming

Data capture

Satellites, drones, weather stations, agronomic data: discover the tools we use.

Application / mobile app

A mobile app

Access all the information you need to manage your farm.

plateforme web / web platform

A web platform

Get a global view of all your farms.


More about Abelio

Discover all the little extras + our decision-making support tools.

A recognized solution

Our tools are recognized by the farming world and approved by the BPI, the Région Occitanie and also the Caisse des Dépôts.

Daily support

Make the most of technical support 5 days a week with a person assigned to assist you in using your modulation maps or whenever you need help.

A 100% French solution

Abelio is based in Toulouse. Our head office, our after sales service and all our teams are based in France.

Web apps and mobiles suitable for everyone

Our apps are intuitive and easy to use. You have three different access levels according to your profile, making it easy to use.

Interoperable tools

Our tools are compatible with traceability tools, SMAG, Geofolia, WiUZ, Mesparcelles, Telepac and our modulation files are integrated into the consoles of your agricultural machinery.

An HEV and PPEC approved solution

Our solution is HEV approved for crop fertilization and PPEC (plant protection product economy certificate) for forecasting growth stages and diseases and weed detection.

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