Datura detection

Locate and effectively destroy datura

Overcome the need for pointless or time wasting tasks with our Abelio smart farming tool.

Effectively locate all the datura weeds in your plots and find the correct geolocation in order to remove them effectively.

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With our Abelio decision-making support tool,

Protect your crops

With our tool for detecting datura you can limit harvest rejects and contaminated batches. Make sure you protect your crops from datura and respond to market demand, in particular for crops with high added value (specific sectors, organic etc.).

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Comply with your health and safety and regulatory requirements

Lower the risk of contaminating products leading to harvest rejects and deal confidently with new regulations.

Reduce your work time

Reduce your time consuming tasks and improve your productivity. Receive datura location maps on the web platform and manual removal in late stages by easy geolocation on your plots. Indicate the areas in which you have effectively removed the datura – your location maps will keep you up to date directly.

Our technologies

Our technologies for effective detection of datura

A drone flight for detecting datura properly

Order a drone flight on the date that suits you. After flying over your plot, we analyse the images using our AI model and generate localization maps for you.

  • Up to two flights per plot

  • Ultra precise multispectral sensor

  • Results available a few days after the flight

abelio application mobile datura daturas

Abelio Datura mobile app

After the drone flight, receive datura localization maps. Get the most out of our specific app which geolocates you and the datura on your plot in real time for effective manual removal. The data on the elimination area are automatically uploaded to the web platform for improved traceability.

  • Real-time geolocation of the user

  • Geolocation of datura on the plots

  • Field actions connected to the web platform

Tablet dashboard

A web platform

Carry out macro-management of the plots on your farms and access traceability of the field data in real time directly on your web platform.

  • Overview of your plots

  •  Easily understandable map

  • Monitoring of field actions


They use Abelio every day

And they are satisfied.

Avis 5 étoiles

“Abelio has been our best investment in terms of cost, treatment effectiveness and responsiveness. At the start of our collaboration only a  few people were using drones able to provide a service like this, with monitoring and easy management.”

Aymeric Lepage

Agricultural equipment adviser to the Aisne Chamber of Agriculture

Avis 5 étoiles

“Abelio has anticipated all the possible drawbacks to deploying smart tools and provides ergonomic and easy to use solutions. They are always ready to listen to customers’ needs (farmers and technicians) and responsive to improvements to their tools. Thanks to Abelio we have gained in flexibility and responsiveness of the advice provided to farmers.”

Joëlle Messon

Responsible for Decision Support Tools and Experimentation at Vivadour



Avis 5 étoiles

“We chose to work with Abelio because they are a local, dynamic and ambitious business. A spirit of collaboration and joint construction is in Abelio’s DNA and that is what convinced us and we particularly appreciate their skills, land availability and their flexibility. Discovering their tool has meant that we have improved our representativeness in the field of tools for decision-making support.”


Jérémy Brochain

Head of the PV Tools and Services market at Arterris



Our method

Remove datura from your plots in 3 steps


Book your drone flight

Use your Abelio app to order a drone flight over your plots at least 7 days prior to the date defined according to your needs.

  • Compatible with SMAG, WiUZ, Mesparcelles, Telepac

  • Flight to be booked 7 days prior to the date you require it

  • Flight carried out by a remote controlled drone partner


Get your results

48 to 72 hours after the drone flight, receive maps that accurately locate datura on your plot.

  • Results available a few days after the flight

  •  A specific Abelio -Datura app

  • Maps available on the mobile app and the web platform


Get rid of datura

View the datura on your plots and geolocate in real time to clean your crops with ease. Indicate the datura removed in the app – the localization maps are automatically updated.

  • Datura location map

  • Geolocation in real time

  • Reliable and precise results


Are you a distributor?

Request a demo of our solution

  • Interoperable solution

  • Overview

  • Easy to use

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Are you a farmer?

Have your distributor install Abelio!

  • Dosage and detection modulation maps

  • Crop monitoring

  • Easy to use

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